Slow down: What’s been going on lately

Why slow down? You know that feeling of running around like a headless chicken? Well, I’m kinda over that.

So I’ve slowed down. I’ve been to Malta last August but barely posted anything about it. I’ve been to New York and it didn’t touch me like the first time I went over. Flew home for Christmas and was present without getting aggravated or overwhelmed. I’ve stabilized in my job and just hired a small team. I went to Sicily last week and ate all the ice cream but took no photos of it. I’ve read less, but I didn’t feel guilty.

photo with flowers in front of a limestone building
Before limestone architecture won me over forever

I’ve started working on a book. It’s a sarcastic self-help millennial book and it’s not going very smoothly. Here’s a paragraph from it:

But first, avocado toast.

Listen, kid, nobody really knows what life is about and we’re all just trying to keep it together. For every glorified insta post you drool over there’s the other side of the coin you don’t see. All those #nopainnogain flexing photos? D’oh, who looks good when sweating out of their butt? Except if you’re The Rock, then you can pull that off. But yeah, the #IamATraveler oh-so-real snaps? Remember there’s usually an insta-husband or insta-friend who held all the bags and clothes, took 80 pics and then had to listen to the “ugh, I look terrible” comments for the next 20 min.

You do you, the rest will arrange itself one way or the other.

Digital slow down

I’ve disabled all the notifications on my phone and I’ll never go back to the life of constant buzzing. I’ve pursued yoga with a fervency I wasn’t sure I can follow through, but I did. I’ve journaled and I’ve stopped. In my search for balance, I’ve pushed when I was supposed to rest and have rested when I was ready to activate.

I became a vegetarian, I kept my hair a strong shade of red. Not surprisingly, I’ve stopped shopping unless absolutely necessary. I’ve promised to start a stand-up comedy improv class, I’ve secured a spot, I’ve yet to go. I’ve partied a fair bit, hiked Mt Etna, biked all over the place in Amsterdam, visited friends in Eindhoven, met new puppy friends and new baby additions to the groups of friends I’m part of.

I got published on The Woman with an interview about solo traveling next to 2 awesome women. Kudos to Gloria for putting it together, I look forward to seeing it in print. I moved houses and changed loves.

What now?

Write more, read steadily, travel more purposefully. Think about my carbon footprint more actively and overall make mindful choices. I’m gonna pick this little blog up and make it mine and pretty again, let’s see where it takes us this time.

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