1 month itinerary in Argentina: Things to do, Tips & Costs

When I was thinking about my 1 month itinerary in Argentina I thought I’ll have SO much time to see everything. Looking back at the time I spent in Argentina, I realize one month is not much time. The long distances combined with the fact that I couldn’t get my butt out of Buenos Aires for the first 8 days made me change my itinerary quite a bit. So I’ll lay it down for you with ideas on what to see, costs, tips&tricks and the extra things I would’ve loved to see, but didn’t get to this time.

So where do you start is you’re trying to plan your 1 month itinerary in Argentina? With this statement: Argentina is 8 times bigger than Germany. That will give you a bit of perspective on how big the country is and how you’ll take longer from point A to point B if you go by car or public transportation.

I found the following aspects super interesting and very relevant throughout my 1 month itinerary in Argentina:

  • Inflation is real

In April 2016, Argentina’s inflation was at a bit over 40%, while statistics in April 2017 place it at 27.5%. I didn’t honestly think to research inflation and economy before going to Argentina but once I started looking into it through random chats with Argentinians, things made more sense. Some of the most eye-opening conversations I had were about economy, social progress and flaws of the past governments. I also understood why EVERYTHING is so expensive and came at peace with it.

  • The BBQ is surreal

When you say Argentina, people rush to tell you “have a steak for me when you’re there, will you?”. I’m not a big meat eater so I nodded politely and brushed it off. But then I had the opportunity to go to some BBQs(asados)  with Argentinians and I’ve enjoyed every single bit of beef I could get my mouth on. Juicy, tender, yummy – sorry, vegetarians, this one was an absolute win during my 1 month trip in Argentina.

  • The wines are delicious – I’ve had no bad wine in Argentina, which makes me cringe even more about not making it to Mendoza.
  • European summer is Argentinian/Chilean Autumn – which means you’ll need a rain jacket, a fleece, a sweater, waterproof boots, a scarf and a beanie to keep warm. Bonus: you get to snuggle up by the fire on the colder nights
  • Bus travel is safe, expensive and very comfortable – I’ve had no problems traveling throughout Argentina by bus. There’s also a ride-sharing platform called CarpooleAR, check it out especially if you’re going to or leaving from Buenos Aires.
1 month itinerary in Argentina

Buenos Aires – Iguazu Falls – Cordoba – Bariloche – El Bolson – San Martin de los Andes

Buenos Aires – 8 days

You don’t really need 8 days in Buenos Aires. But I had just started my trip in South America, my tongue was struggling with Spanish words, I got to stay in the awesome neighborhood of Palermo and I was setting up my blog. So 8 days were more than enough for me to fall in love with BA and totally see myself living there. My highlight here – Monday night at Bomba del tiempo.

Iguazu Falls – 4 days

I was on the verge of skipping Iguazu Falls because it’s a 18 h bus ride from Buenos Aires and I wasn’t very keen on it. But I’m so excited I went, it impacted me on so many way. Check out how awesome the falls are and how to visit both the Argentinian and the Brazilian side of the falls.

Cordoba – 4 days

Cordoba was fun and laid back. Had I known I will not make to Mendoza a few weeks later like planned, I would’ve gone straight to Mendoza and had some wine while thinking about Cordoba. Joke aside, it’s Argentina’s second largest city and it ain’t pretty. Which is great because it finally gives you a glimpse of what normal Argentinian lifestyle is like. Not like the terribly commercial Boca neighborhood in BA. I wrote a 4 day itinerary post about to spend your time in Cordoba, take a look, will you?

Bariloche – 4 days

Yes, Bariloche! This is where I fell in love with hiking and I’m so happy I did. Bariloche is supposed to be super busy and hectic in summer time, so choose the time you’re visiting wisely. Check out my 3 day itinerary for what to do in Bariloche post.

El Bolson – 5 days

A hippie return to my roots, El Bolson is a nice step away from reality. I can’t recommend enough that you stay at this awesome hostel/guesthouse up in the mountains and go hiking as much as the weather allows you to. One of my favorite hikes here was going up the Cerro Piltriquitron with two new fur buddies to keep me company. Between the sunshine, the double rainbows and the constant ascend, I also went from fairytale-like snow to full-on blasting snowstorm and not being able to see 3 meters ahead of me.

San Martin de los Andes – 4 days

San Martin de los Andes was a stop in cute village before crossing over to Chile. Stop here if you’re looking for a cute vibe of mountain cabins, good food and pretty view points. It’s also worth to rent a car and go around the mountainside for a while, it’s truly beautiful.

When I was in Argentina it was the end of autumn and the south didn’t looking appealing to me. So instead of heading towards Perrito Moreno and the rest of Patagonia where the overall temperatures were around 5 Celsius degrees and rainy, I chose to go to Chile instead.

Budget costs for a 1 month itinerary in Argentina

As I mentioned before, Argentina will not be cheap. Overall, I spent 1134.73 euros for the 29 days I was in Argentina. This is an exception, most travelers and friends I know who visited Argentina struggled to stay on a budget. This budget includes cooking at home quite a bit,  couchsurfing, not going out at night very often, plenty of hiking activities that were free and public transportation. Here we go:

  • 103 euros for accommodation – I couchsurfed for more than half of my time there and stayed in hostels for the rest of the time. Off-season prices for a bunk bed range between 160 and 200 pesos/night(10-15 euros back then, the euro has more buying power now). I’ve been told that it’s not uncommon for prices to double in summer time.
  • 102 euros on tours and attractions
  • 320 euros on long distance transportation
  • 46.87 euros for city transportation
  • and the rest on food, drinks and entertainment
So what did I miss during my 1 month itinerary in Argentina?

Most of Patagonia, Mendoza, Salta and Jujuy are on my list for the next trip I’ll make to Argentina. I’d love to go back and hike more, trek the W in Patagonia and spend some time kicking back in Mendoza.

Did this help? What else do you want to know? Write down in the comments and I’ll get back right at you.

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